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Laboratory Information Management system


Trust lims

TRUST LIMS is an automated software solution designed to automate laboratory information and processes. TRUST LIMS manages complete workflow of testing laboratories which covers all the operations starts from Sample collection, Job Assignments, Testing, Review and Approval, Reports Generation, Invoicing, Accounting, Quality Control, Calibration, Quotation, Contracts, Asset Management, Human Resource Management, Training and Data Analysis Activities.


TRUST LIMS is ideal for Soil Investigation, Material Testing, Environmental Testing, Biotechnology, Oil, Chemical Testing Labs and etc. TRUST LIMS solution would enable laboratories to move towards paperless office and comply with regulatory requirements. TRUST LIMS has facility to be customized and Implemented in any sized testing laboratory environments. The solution consists of modules for sample tracking, invoicing, customer service and business intelligence functions. Customised versions are available for Verticals like Soil, Building Material, Geotechnical, Water, Environment, Chemical, Oil, Petroleum, Food, Beverages, Metallurgy and Textiles etc.

TRUST LIMS Lab Process Automation System is a full-featured client server laboratory information management system. Integrated into windows environment capable to adapt for any specific lab requirements. LIMS has a scalable architecture both on centralized or decentralized, departmental installations with facility to integrate with various instruments, applications (ERP) systems. TRUST LIMS can be deployed on laboratories with different standards like ISO 17025, ISO 9001, HACCP ISO 22000, ISO 17021 and etc.


Key Modules

Sample Management
Storage Management
Work Management
Result Management
Review & Approval
Lab Administration
Contrac Management
Reports & Dispatch Management
Alerts & Reminders
Data Analysis & Business Intelligence
Report & Dashboard Designer
Third Party Software / Machine Integration
Semi / Full Third Party Software Integration
Software Integration through Bridge Utility
Integrated Worksheets
Quality Control
Document Control
Sales & Marketing
Training Management
Inventory Control
Human Resource Management System
Financial & Management System

Key Benefits

TRUST LIMS & Best Laboratory Pratices

TRUST LIMS allows laboratories to maintain Good Laboratory Practice. Sample Tagging, Sample Acknowledgement, Work Assignment / Re-Assignment, Test Result Entry, Test Result, Review & Approval Reviewing, Re-Testing, Automatic Data Capture from instruments, Billing, BI & MIS, Reports, Documents Management, Calibration Records, Qaulity Management, Asset Tracking etc. Electronic Test Report Distribution facility by customer portal or e-mail

Trace & Track all samples or specimens that are received at the Laboratory, Tests Performed, Methods Utilized, Their Results, Authentication Control Limits, Quality Control values, Discrepancy & Deviation Notes etc., Sample Tracking, Invoice & Performa Invoice Printing, Pseudo Sample Number generation, Sample Scheduling, Result Data Entry, QA/QC, Electronic Data Entry, Result Printing, Barcode Integration & Automation etc.

Applicable Industries